Domain Transport law & Policies

The aim of the domain Transport law & Policies is to provide the student a legal and jurisdictional framework in relation to trade and transportation. The specific law framework applicable for the transportation sector and the line of developments and dynamics therein per sector are explained.

Overview domain Transport law & Policies | master Maritime & Logistics UniversityStructures, methodology of law sections, essential parallels in approach and differences in systems are focused on, as these facilitate better understanding of the basic principles common to all transport and logistics sectors. Special attention is given to the specific characteristics and development of maritime law and from there the parallels and differences are drawn to the other sectors.

Other parts of this domain are the important aspects of the IMO and the international rules and conventions. In this domain, ocean management and marine awareness will also be handled. It is generally accepted that ocean usage will grow in the years to come. That realisation has prompted calls for a more integrated approach to ocean management at all levels of government. Still, most people involved in the maritime sector know relatively little of what is happening in other areas and therefore this course aims to give the students an insight on the environmental impact of shipping and logistics. Emphasis is placed on the need to responsibly use the oceans in a sustainable manner, to ensure the availability of marine uses and resources for future generations.