Code of Conduct

To protect your interests as a foreign student in the Netherlands, the Dutch universities and other institutions of higher education have drawn up a Code of Conduct International Student Higher Education regulating various aspects of their relations with international students.

Code of Conduct STC-NMU
Especially for international students at the Netherlands Maritime University of applied sciences the Code of Conduct NMU is available. Click here for Code of Conduct NMU.

Transparency of Rules and Regulations of STC-NMU
In line with the Code of Conduct, the Quality Manual and Education & Examination regulation are available for (potential) students upon request. Please contact the Admissions Office for assistance.


Obligations as international student

All International Students that are in possession of a residence permit need to show sufficient study progress in order to retain this document. As per IND’s request, we are obliged to report students that achieved less than 50% of the credits awarded in the academic year without valid circumstances, as described in Section 7.51 of the WHW Act and section 2.1 of the implementation decree of the WHW Act. Their residence permit will be revoked.

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