Full-time Master program

The MSc Shipping and Transport program has been set up in 2007 in close cooperation with the maritime and logistics business communities. Their involvement and sponsorship is our main drive to launch and continuously improve this Master program. The MSc Shipping and Transport program for maritime professionals is offered in a part-time and a full-time program.

In the full-time program we offer you a well-balanced set of courses, assignments and excursions. The MSc program consists of 7 domains, divided in 17 courses, in English with a combined study load of 60 credits. A thesis assignment is part of the program. This credit system is derived from the standardised system (ECTS) for measuring study load as a way to facilitate international mobility. One ECTS credit represents 28 hours of full-time study, 60 credits represent one full-time year of study. The duration of the full-time Master of Science program is 12 months for the full-time program. We offer this program in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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3024 EA Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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E-mail: info@stc-mlu.com

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