Business Course in Shipping and Transport

The Shipping and Transport sectors are the most dynamic and international economic sectors and highly capital intensive. Making the right decisions is essential to be successful in the shipping and port related industries. Decisions made with outdated information or on the basis of wrong assumptions can have an immense impact on business.


This management course gives you a knowledge boost on shipping markets, organisation principles, latest trends and developments in this field. The course enables professionals in the service industry and the maritime, transport logistics and port related industry to understand the fundamentals of shipping, its drivers and dynamics. Participants will engage in experiential learning in our maritime simulator centre. By attending the business course in Shipping and Transport you will gain understanding of international regulations, commercial drivers, latest trends and developments.

For professionals seeking insight in the shipping business
This course is especially suited for financial, legal and consultancy professionals to offer insights into the drivers behind the shipping and transport industry. You will learn to understand the issues in asset management during the various stages of her life cycle. You will obtain in-depth knowledge on ship management, ship finance and insurance. The legal side of carriage of goods at sea, required contracts and documentation is also part of this course. Upon completion of the course you will be conversant with specialists on ship operations, such as relating to surveying and safety or fleet management and logistics management. You will also have the latest insights into innovations in maritime trade, transport and the logistic chain.

Practical information
Starts March 2019.

Business Course in Shipping and Transport
Testimonial by Wencke Boerrigter, publisher in the maritime sector: 

Why did you praticipated in the business course?
“When I started my new job as a publisher in the maritime sector, the sector was all new to me. To get up to speed with my writers and clients I needed to update my knowlegde, create a network and learn to speak the right language.”

What part of the program appealed to you the most?
“In general, the fact that you gain understanding of the sector in a short period of time. During the program the most important subjects and players in the business are introduced. The variation and practical approach during the courses makes the business course accessible to outsiders like me.”

How is the knowlegde after completion an advantage in your work?
“I found my way around in the sector much faster. In conversations and meetings I am a better sparring partner. Also I can now easily identify developments in the sector and anticipate on them.”

To whom and why would you recommed this business course?
“I would advise all professionals in the service industry who are in close contact with companies in the maritime sector to attend this business course.”


More information
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