Would you like to apply for one of our Master of Science programs? Please fill in this Application form NMU and return this to us by e-mail.

Application procedure

Did you submit your application together with the required documents? These are the next steps we take before you can start with the program:

Step 1
On the basis of the admission documents, a pre-selection will be made. Selected candidates will be invited for an intake interview by phone, Skype or face-to-face. The interview will take about one hour. We will assess your English language skills and study motivation and review your education, qualifications and job experience.

Step 2
After a positive conclusion of the intake interview and completion of the application, you can be granted final admission. Application for scholarships can be started afterwards.

Step 3
STC-NMU will assist in the immigration procedure for non-EU applicants. After final admission STC-NMU will apply on your behalf for a (temporary) residence permit.