Domain Logistics Management

During the three courses in the domain Logistics management, the focus is on the logistics chain as a whole. Furthermore we organise company visits and case studies. As such, this domain provides a combination of studying and experiencing how your study is put into practice.

Overview domain Logistics Management | master Maritime & Logistics UniversityThe domain starts with an overview of supply chain management and global value chains. From the perspective of a local firm both internal and external suppliers and customers are being investigated. The dynamics, development and globalisation of supply chains are explained, as well as the application of various supply chain management concepts in practice. Besides that, an assignment on sustainable supply chains is part of the course.

The second part of the domain focusses on port management and hinterland strategies. Ports are important nodes in the worldwide transportation system. After a helicopter view of supply chain management, we take a closer look at ports, port operations and the function of a port in the logistics chain. The hinterland is the backbone of every port and therefore hinterland connections are of importance in this course.

The last part of the Logistics Management domain is centred around a port terminal. Terminal operations, the connection between ship and shore and bottlenecks included in the terminal operations are studied.