Integration case

Integration case | master Maritime & Logistics UniversityThe Maritime & Logistics University of applied sciences believes that the integration between theory and practice is helpful for students. With the integration case at the end of the theoretical part of the Master, we strive for the students to stretch their knowledge, both in a team setting and as a preparation for the thesis project. Multiple angles of the four domains will be combined in one large case.

In order to become qualified as a master, development of skills is equally important as development of knowledge. The objectives of a case driven method of learning is to apply knowledge, make, informed judgements, as well to improve communication skills. As the case study work is spread out over a longer period of time, students have sufficient time to reflect and improve based on feedback.

Part of the case will be executed at another location of STC Group, e.g., Oman or South Africa. This is the international exchange programme, fully embedded within the Master of Science programme.